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The show "still alive and live" it's a creative artistic experiment, which seeks to emphasize the sense of spontaneity, MAIN characteristic of A clown, through the THEATRICAL improvisation as A tool to create a new show in each presentation.

the interaction with the public is Another important component in this show, THEREforE wE INVITE the spectators to participate in the construction of the show ITSELF, THROUGH writing on ballots and dialogue, for the selection of topics that WE will improvise during the PERFORMANCE.


The Banyasos are characterized by their abstract and absurd way to SOLVING the situations in which they end up involved, WITH live music that WILL ACCOMPANY each STAGE game aND A VARIETY OF circus tricks THAT will be used to comply with the ESPECTATOR expectations.

"The true art of the clown is to make the impromptu looks rehearsed and what is rehearsed seems improvised"

Jesus "CHUCHO" Diaz.

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