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A show where nonsense and the absurd rule. A musical festival in which we see extravagant and dreamlike situations such as: juggling ingredients to make a salad (literally), playing a flute that does not want to be played, dealing with your shadow while there is no light, placing your faith in a lucky charm It works!, putting on a dress and revealing the history of your feet, wanting to be admired for holding a cane, hypnotizing your friends to get money, and as Hamlet said: to dance or not to dance? That is the cumbia.
A series of situations taken to the absurd accompanied by live music.

Our goal is to share various musical and stage routines with the viewer, where the most important thing is the bond that is generated between us and the audience, using comedy as a starting point and music as a creator of atmospheres, supporting us with a variety of stage techniques as the clown, acrobatics, magic, rola bola, juggling, eccentric dance and music.

DURATION: 60 minutes.

A show for the whole family.


"Humor is something that develops between the aspirations of men and their limitations. There is more logic in humor than in anything else. Because humor is the truth." 
                                                  Victor Borge

"Every question has two points of view: the wrong one and ours."

                                                 Les Luthiers 

"Humor is possibly a word; I use it constantly and I'm crazy about it. Someday I'll find out what it means."

                                                    Groucho Marx

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