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At the beginning of the 20th century, various clowns created comic routines that lasted for several decades. We know these routines as “classic sketches”. The Banyasos use some of these "classic sketches" as a reference to make their version and thus create their own discourse, which goes from the absurd to the reflective, touching on topics such as; philosophical uncertainty, empathy and respect for our environment (other animals), friendship, the absurdity of physical violence, the overvaluation of material things, sharing with those around you... This is how “Nostalgia” was born, a tribute to all those clowns who became part of history for their virtuosity and ingenuity.

DURATION: 60 min.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Kids and family.

“...The most beautiful profession in the world. And if you weren't a clown, what would you be?

If I weren't a clown,

I wouldn't exist."
Pierre Etaix

“… As in all the large numbers of those mythical clowns and this one was, the situation bordered on and exceeded the surreal; that is, the impossible.”
Dario Fo

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